A feline-friendly breakthrough for managing cat allergens

Outstanding nutrition with the power to change lives

Pro Plan® LiveClear® range covers all life stages

The first allergen-reducing cat food

Backed by more from than a decade of research, Pro.Plan® LiveClear® is shown to safely and effectively reduce allergens on cat hair and dander. Watch the video below to learn how to Pro.Plan® LiveClear® cat allergen-reducing food works.

The journey to Pro.Plan® LiveClear®

Saliva Allergen

All cats produce a common allergen, Fel d 1, in their saliva

Pro plan egg

When cats eat Pro Plan® LiveClear®, a key protein sourced from eggs binds to the
Fel d 1 and neutralises it

Food cat hair

And when fed daily, Pro Plan® LiveClear® significantly reduces the allergens on cat hair and dander*

Simply safe

Simply and safely**
in a complete and balanced maintenance diet for cats

* Satyaraj E. et al, Immunity Inflammation and Disease. 2019; 7(2):68-73

** Matulka, R. A. et al, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 2020; 6, 477. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2019.00477

Feeding Pro Plan® LiveClear® is not intended to replace other allergen-reduction strategies but adds another measure that can help reduce the allergen burden in cat households.


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